Hi, my name is Nathalie de Vallière.

I am a digital product designer.

Recent Jobs

Designed the website of iA Writer. Prototypes were done with HTML5, SCSS and Kirby, following BEM principles. More

Redesigned the user interface of a library admin software. Based the design off self-conducted user research. More

Author and illustrator of comic series Sky Blades. Published on LINE Webtoon, the most popular comic platform in Korea. More


Designed a game with Unity3D and GoogleSketchUp. Scripts coded in C#. More

Created visual and textual report of an object. Format A1 Poster with 1500 word essay. More

In a group of 2 people, designed a concept for an app to promote more environmentally conscious consumer behaviour. More


I am a student at Central Saint Martins in London pursuing a BA (Hons) in Graphic & Communication Design.

For a brief period of time I worked as a comic artist for LINE Webtoon. I produced weekly episodes of a comic called Sky Blades.

Today, I am interested in the intersection between code and visual design. Currently I am interning at iA: The makers of the famous Web Trend Map.